Routesy Pro Bay Area App Reviews

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Very Useful App

This app is a very cool and effective way to plan around when to go out for a Muni bus you want to catch. It is typically very accurate and we use it with confidence. It also gives you a list of each stop along the route. Certainly worth the minimal cost to purchase.

Pretty good

Overall a good app, but it's frustrating not being able to tap on a nearby bus or train line in the Nearby screen, and then selecting the direction I want to go. Instead, I have to pick a stop from a map view, which often has stops for opposite directions right next to each other. That's a pretty annoying workaround.

The best transit app for SF Bay Area

This app does nearly everything I want in a public transit app! I can bookmark my frequent/nearby stops and figure out the best way to get there depending on time and where I am. I tend to jump between at least 3 transit agencies and this has 'em all in one place! The interface is intuitive and looks great! I'm on this app more than any other on my phone, and I have about 6 others for local transit on my phone, which mostly are there to do the few things this one doesn't. If I could only have one, this would be it. I'd love the addition of transit maps, fares, and time between 2 stops I choose- that would make it PERFECT for me as I figure out fastest/cheapest routes. Id also love bookmark folders do I could organize bookmarks by different journeys I take ("to work," "to home" instead of all of them as one long list. This app is not as useful if you don't know how to route from A to B- you have to know which routes you want. But if you do (for unfamiliar journeys I plan ahead at home and just bookmark those stops), this one gives you the timings in a jif! Usually I don't take the time to write reviews for apps- this one I chose to do to say THANKS to the author for rolling a lot into one app with style!

Works great

I use it for muni


Gives you no visibility whatsoever on when the train will arrive at the various stops along the route. Also does not allow you to browse the timetable.

No lockscreen widget

Unlike most of its competitors, you must open the app to view data instead of just glancing at the Today screen.

Real Time

This app gives me real time departure of several public transit systems. I love it. Now I don't have to log on to different websites to find out the time lag between different systems.



Great app, super useful!

I use this literally every day, and it's totally changed my commute. Awesome app.

So good

Works great!

Best transit app for SF Bay Area

I've tried a bunch of transit apps, but find Routesy to be the best. It covers all the systems in the SF Bay Area, it's easy to edit the bookmarks list, and I find info fast.

Super helpful

I'm learning my way around SF and its public transit system -- so much easier with Routesy!

The best

Super easy to use. Period.

Good app.

Use this app daily.

This is the ONLY app for SF Transit

I use this app for Muni and BART departures and I love it. I've tried two others (google's widget is the worst!) and this is by far the best! It's worth every penny!

As good as it gets!

Only thing is you have to know the line you want to get to where you're going. If you've got that, you're golden. If not, call 511.


Really helpful for catching muni!

Good app.

Been using for few months. Mostly BART app times are pretty spot on. Would be good to build in way to track time to walk,drive, if parking available to BART depending on location

Use this app everyday

This is great for commuting or just getting around the bay.

Best SF Bay Area Public Transportation App

Amazing, accurate and provides so much info on local forms of public transportation!

Simple and awesome

Been using for years…hasn't really changed much over time, but they really got it right out of the gate. Indispensable!

Much improved.

This app's reliability had greatly improved. I started using it again a couple of months ago and haven't had the problems I used to have. Old review, 2011: I have mixed feelings about this app. It's really easy to figure out & use, but sometimes it won't load or the predictions are off. It may not be a problem with the app. So for now, it's just 3 stars.

Great App

My go-to app for r transit.

Works a treat

Does what it's supposed to do, very well. Top marks.

Great app

Wow! I can't believe how helpful this app is. Indispensable for commuting!

Best Bay Area Commuter App

Number one essential app to have for travel in the city.

Love it

Been using it for years. Does exactly what I want for muni trips.


It's precise and accurate when it's working, and then sometimes it's not. Infrequent, but annoying! Sometimes I see a correlation when the muni signs are down, but not always. Recommend.


Yes this is the transit app


With the signs malfunctioning all the time, this gives you one of the only realistic ways of knowing when a train/bus is coming. Definitely helps you plan your commute with anything approaching accuracy.

Use it everyday!

The most reliable and easy to use commuter tool, hands down!!!

Use it whenever I commute.

Like that it has both Caltrain and Muni. Map view is very handy. Buy it.

Essential commuter tool

As a San Francisco resident, and daily commuter to downtown, I find this app indispensable. If I only used it on my weekday commutes, it would be more than worth the $5 -- that's 1/4 what I spend on Muni fare every week! The app has been updated regularly since I bought it (1.0, baby!), with the features and user interface getting better in every release. When you think about it, the data used by Routesy and other Muni apps is all from the same source, NextBus. The data is free, and available. What you're paying for in an app is the user interface, the immediate usability. Routesy's lookup interface is great, and the bookmarks feature -- saving my favorite Muni lines and stops -- makes my daily lookups basically instant. Routesy is pretty close to perfect.

Couldn't get through my day without it

Simple, accurate and incredibly helpful.


I rely on it!

Great app!

We use this all the time we visit the Bay Area. It just works and that's what good software is about. It should be an unobtrusive and useful tool to aid in your travels. This one does just that.

An essential tool for your commute

Not only is this app great in providing information about bus/metro/BART schedules but it has a Favorites feature, where you can put routes you use often and they get listed according to your distance to the stop or station. This is an essential tool to optimize my commute but it is also useful when exploring new locations in the city. Please purchase the paid version of the app to support its author and future development.

Routesy is the best

I think I've tried them all and Routesy is by far the best, easiest to use, most intuitive muni transport app I have seen.

Great app! Much better than others

I love it and use it everyday! Great app!


Works great!

accessible and accurate

I am blind and my job requires that I travel around the bay area a lot and this app makes it so much easier. Both the light and pro versions are clear and easy to use. The arrival times and distances are accurate I love how when you look at a bus line the app highlights the nearest stop. All the times i've used the app it has never let me down totally worth the price

This app is great, simple to use

Routesy Great App

I NEVER leave the house with out checking times of the next bus or Train. Great app!!! Thanks Routesy

Commuter's Dream

The best app for Bay Area commuters. Could not live in SF without it. It's AppTastic!!!!

Amazing, accurate, easy to use

I use this for my commute in San Francisco everyday and it's amazing how simple and accurate it is to use.

Very helpful

This app saves me so much time when using public transit. I highly recommend it

Works the way it should

This app is a lifesaver, makes taking public transit so much less of a hassle.

Fast, simple, and indispensable

I check this every time I'm on a train where I need to transfer. It lets me know if I should jump off at an earlier transfer station to get a better spot or wait for the "timed" transfer station. The fact it automatically figures out where you're trying to go based on location is amazing for this. One click and I know the answer.

Good App

It's a good app I just five days a week.

Very helpful ap

I use Routesy all the time and find it one of the most useful apps on my smartphone.❤️

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